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Video & Voiceover Recording

The way in which prospective customers and clients find your website has changed. Gone are the days of simply building an aesthetically-pleasing website, and waiting for the traffic. In today's algorithm-driven search engine environment, creating a video channel or adding videos to your website is an excellent way to make your site more preferable to major search engines.

The Smart Way to Reach Entirely New Markets

If you've been under the impression that, in your industry, there's no need to record an online video, times have changed. Today, search engines recognize unique, well-produced videos as a positive SEO element; this plays a key role in improving your website's page rank over time.

  • Promote your business and increase brand recognition
  • Showcase new products or services
  • Attract new visitors & subscribers
  • Introduce new website or business launch
  • Provide audio for a TV or radio commercial
  • Invite customers or locals to an event

At Ultimate Web Toolbox, some of our greatest successes have come from the videos and voiceovers we've recorded in the past. By looking far outside the box and honing in on what your target market is realistically searching for, we write, design and produce stunning HD videos that you'll be proud to show the world.

custom voice overs

Voiceover Recording & Narration

In need of a professional voiceover recording, but not sure where to start? No worries. We take care of everything, from writing the script and recording the narration, to editing and uploading the finished file to your website, Ultimate Web Toolbox is making it easy and affordable to have a professional, properly-recorded voiceover for your business.

As with all our recording services, you can choose between a male or female voiceover talent. We can write a script for you, or feel free to provide one of your own.

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Click Here for an example of a product review voiceover

Online Video Recording

Are you the only one of your competitors without a YouTube video channel for your business? Don't continue losing new customers, based on a non-existent online video presence. We can design a video, or series of videos, to help you more effectively communicate with existing customers, while attracting new ones.