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Google+ Places Now with 360 Tours

Okay, so you have a respectable business website. You've been working hard on the design, the written content, SEO, Google+ page, videos and everything else needed to get it ranking high on the search engines. Still, even with all the photos and the copy and the perfectly-placed header tags, new customers still have no idea what your facility is all about.

Taking photographs of your building or headquarters is always a wise move, but until recently they've only been able to paint a very small and two-dimensional part of your company's bigger picture. Google 360 is changing all of that, by making it both rewarding and fun to give prospects, clients and new customers a more detailed look at your operation.

Google 360 Gives Your Business a New Perspective

If your facility is a key selling point, you need to put that out there for all the world to admire. This is especially true among businesses that are in highly-competitive industries, and looking for a clear-cut advantage over their industry rivals. Regardless of what line of business you're in, with Google 360 tours you can present stunning and crystal-clear 360° panoramic views of your company's:

  • Quality control standards
  • Manufacturing capability
  • Assembly lines and packaging
  • Lobbies and reception areas
  • Accommodations & lodging
  • Recreation area & facilities
  • Warehouse capabilities or storage
Google Places Trusted Photographer

A Typical Google 360 "Win" Scenario

Ponder this one, friends: You're a customer browsing for, let's say, a new air conditioner for your home. You come across two websites offering the same unit for the same price, with the same warranty and identical cost of installation. Website A has a simple but clean website, with a few pictures and decent content. Website B has all of that, too. However, you notice that they also have a Google 360 page, allowing you to take a clear look at their building.

As your tour begins, you notice that everything is well organized, neat, sanitary, and obviously run by people who truly care about quality. Ask yourself; do you go with the company that put it all out there and took time to give you even more information, or the company who uploaded a handful of photos, in the hopes that you would "get it".

Google Places with 360 Tours

Build Confidence in Customers with Google 360

There's simply no arguing the power of a well-designed and properly optimized Google 360 page. In our opinion it's absolutely one of the most effective and economical ways to increase marketshare and attract more organic traffic to your website. Whether you're a hotel, a restaurant, a retail store or other location-based business, you'll be amazed at how much leverage a virtual tour can command.

If you've been looking for a way to showcase everything that your company has worked to build, we can help you show it off. Sam Pizzo Website Design in Rochester NY, offers very affordable rates on the complete setup of you Google 360 tour, with complete pages starting at just $395. All images are professionally photographed, and designed by one of our highly-skilled web developers.